Today was double-edged. We couldn’t take part in the Team Trophy because of the technical problems from yesterday, but have managed to sort them all out and can take part in the night stage.

The fuel problems were actually caused by a blocked suction pipe in the fuel tank. We also had the tyre fixed from the flat we had yesterday, by the professional tyre company that is present at the Trophy. It cost 50 Kn, which is approximately € 7,00.

Thanks to the support of Jansen Used Range Rover Parts, we were able to acquire all the necessary parts. Their mechanics, Wouter and Pasqualino, also provided the assistance required.

Team Trophy day is always good fun completing tasks in a team environment, although still competitive!

Our neighbours at camp have got a surplus of tools and a positive, cheerful attitude. For some good advice, they’re happy to do a lot in return. In short, a fantastic atmosphere in the camp. Tonight is the night stage and we’re preparing the last bits, like adjusting the extra lighting and adding headlamps to the helmets.

We are very keen and will start with gusto. Marcel did a lot of work outside of the car yesterday and I think he enjoyed it tremendously. Navigation is getting better and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week. Hopefully, the gremlins will stay away.
Victoria is now a full member of the official press delegation and having a ball. She took this photo of her fellow press reports.

Croatia Trophy Press Team 2011

The internet connection is available in the nearby village, which makes it possible for us to provide a daily update. From the Team Trophy we’re also going to provide updates on the other Dutch teams.

To be continued ………….