Five Land Rovers in a team show how it is done with miniimal winching or brute force

After the action on stage 1, especially the ‘Carwash’, Team Trophy day is great fun for the spectators because everything is very close. Especially the spattering mud and hard-revving engines that people get to enjoy up close, and very personal …

For the Adventure class, we have a section of the ‘Extreme Class’ route to cover which does not need any winching action but we are required to follow a short track through the trees, as fast as you can. Sharp wits, and sharper reflexes from the driver… The result will determine the start order for the ‘Night Stage’.

I had a surprisingly good run – just ‘giving it the beans’. It is amazing what adrenaline can do! The third-best time. An awesome feeling for our small victory. The little Land Rover can shift if it wants to…

Then it was time to sit back and watch the big boys.

The ‘Extreme Class’ were divided into teams and were given sections of forest, and challenges to overcome. It was good to see them give it some gas through the deep mud. And enjoyable watching the formidable grunt of the engines and competitiveness of each of the teams. It was rather sobering watching them make us in the ‘Adventure Class’ look rather pedestrian!

But then again… Quite a few of them got stuck anyway and one even had to be towed out with a thick branch right through the fuel tank.

That ‘mud hole’ got deeper and deeper on section two! It makes for some good viewing on youtube…

For those of you looking for adventure, and an awesome experience – without getting too immersed in the sport – the ‘Adventure Class’ offers the perfect compromise between total investment (monetary and/or physical) and a good day out in the forest.

Here is some action from the ‘Croatia Trophy Adventue Class’

Thumbs all round, a good day in the woodlands!