Ready for Stage 7!

Our first finish!!! We survived stage 7! A really long roadbook – 75 kms… What a fantastic day.

From km 20, we started getting into our rhythm. The navigation was really good and we didn’t get stuck too many times. We even had time to stop and enjoy the scenery. There were naturally a couple of nasty winch points, where the rear-winch was very handy (thanks Roan 4×4!).

At one section we descended into a v-shape gulley where the car was on its side dragging downhill for twenty metres. And then another nasty spot with a huge rock in the middle that we had to find a creative solution to get around. We found out that the Champion winch is slow and steady – but much stronger than our Warn 8274 front winch.

We finished at about 7 pm. Muddy Boots was great. No problems. Well, except for a rattling first gear that clicks as you go downhill. I’m really happy that we’ve finished our first day, after all the niggly, small problems we’ve had.