Rocking some Mirabeau shades at Taste of London

During three busy weeks in May 2014 which consisted of painting walls, bannisters and railings, window frames and the wine bar, we learned about the Cronk’s goal to grow their rosé brand. And they were going to do it internationally using online marketing. With our experience having built (an online flooring business in the Netherlands), we naturally asked how we could help…


After a crash course on Provence Rosés, we took a deep dive into the world of dry pale pink wines…

Manning the boutique, I eagerly welcomed international visitors and regaled them with the inspiring Mirabeau tale. I reckon between event and boutique visitors, I’ve since told the logo story around 1.5 million times! Not kidding …

A man of many talents, Marcel did what needed to be done – from logistics and maintenance to waxing bottles and gassing the wine to protect it during transport. In between all of this, he set to creating fun, spontaneous videos with Stephen and the team.


Provence is a dream destination for saying ‘I do!’. As the resident wedding gurus, Marcel and I organised many a wedding’s wines and hosted popup rosé bars with Belle – a little blue Citroën Acadiane – at Château de Robernier.

Other events included the beloved Cotignac Rosé Festival and we managed Mirabeau’s participation in fab UK events like Taste of London (5 consecutive years), Big Feastival, Waitrose Drinks Festivals and Goodwood Horse & Motor Racing.

online marketing & customer service

When we joined Mirabeau 7 years ago, they were producing 3 rosés and selling in 9 markets. Nowadays, their extensive range includes a fabulous gin and new innovative ready-to-drink products that are being sold in more than 50 markets.

During the lockdown, we helped set up the direct-to-consumer webshop in the UK, working closely with the team at Mission Despatch (third-party warehouse and logistics partner) and managing customer service. And – working from home – we’ve been using our online skills for newsletters, journals, …

Time to FOllow our Dream

With other small businesses asking us for marketing help, coupled with the effect of covid-lockdowns on the events and hospitality industry, we decided it was time to sink our teeth into our nomadic dream dating back from ’99 when we met. To combine work and travel.

It’s been a very emotional and rather extended goodbye. When you’ve poured your heart and soul into something, it helps to gently coax them out again.

bon continuation l’equipe !

Such a wonderful learning experience to be part of a business that has grown so well, culminating in Stephen and Jeany’s dream of buying a Domaine 10 years after they started Mirabeau, and the team has grown to more than 20 staff members.

We’re enormously proud of the humungous effort everyone has put into the business. And have no doubt it will continue to do exceptionally well!