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Tenacity, grit, being brave while being scared, going against the grain, a strong sense of adventure, taking responsibility of our lives, … are common traits why we love working with other self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers

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While we’re building NetNomads Community, we’re working with a handful of clients on their digital presence. Our goal is to help other adventurous souls live their version of “A Simply Fab Life” by helping them put their businesses online, which is more than ‘simply having a website’.

Very soon, we’ll be able to work in groups empowering “Self-Employed Entrepreneurs” (SEEs) to build their own websites and online businesses. It’s really exciting to be crafting our skills and know-how into a fun and informative course, ‘Online Business 101‘ that covers the “what & why” core concepts that entrepreneurs need to know (preferably) before building their online business.

Our next course, ‘Online Business 201‘ will cover the “how” – where we guide self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers through the process of building an online business, including creating their own websites.

If you have questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

A Little Background …

Vic built up a career in IT Support/Coaching from the age of 17, culminating in her position as IT Manager for Oracle in Johannesburg. Self-Employed Entrepreneur Marcel helped Vic make the daunting transition from “Employee to SEE” after they got married in 2001 and moved to the Netherlands, where they started their own flooring business.

Floorstyle.NL was very successful, attracting between 6000-8000 visitors a month through organic reach (SEO). Their webshop and installation service accounted for a tidy turnover, alongside the contractor work for Carpetright.

Their first website was created in 2003 and then from 2007, Vic started helping other small businesses with their websites and online marketing. Marcel and Victoria also volunteered for the Land Rover Club Holland, and invested more than 300 hours into building the new website on Drupal (a very different challenge to WordPress).

On moving to Provence in 2014, Vic and Marcel joined the Cronks to help them build their international rosé brand, Maison Mirabeau, and were also caretakers of an amazing manor, Lou Marronie, welcoming visitors from around the world.

7 years later, and some pretty fab experiences richer, Marcel and Vic are pursuing their 20-year old dream of being Digital Nomads.

ON co-creating WITH US …

“What a fantastic response to the video. Thank you again Marcel & Vic – I still cannot believe how quickly you turned it round. It is so slick and professional.”

Rob Dixon, Mirabeau UK Sales

“Victoria and Marcel have a very positive mindset and are very easy to work with, well organised and take responsibility of tasks outside their scope!”

Anne Helene Hagem, Norway

Vic translated my ideas into a website I’m proud of. The training on using the site (with social media) was invaluable. Positive, flexible and really a pleasure to work with.

Shona Ackerman, Netherlands

“Victoria and Marcel built a completely new website for the Land Rover Club Holland, with all the necessary features like a payment system, separate log-ins for various committees etc. A hell of a job, with so many people having different interests – and they delivered a wonderful result!”

Jeroen Hoftijzer, Netherlands

“We received many compliments about the appearance and user-friendliness of our website. Victoria made a substantial contribution to our success.” Wouter van Werven, Netherlands

Wouter van Werven, Netherlands