Cotignac Village of Rock 2016

Cotignac is a vibrant French village with lots of different cultures and nationalities all having an affect on each other.

One of the annual festivals is the German rock band, Big Five and the Red One, who have visited us 8 years in row. It’s wonderful seeing the villagers descend to the bottom fountain to party with each other and enjoy excellent music.

From a previous year, we remembered to arrive early to get a currywurst and found ourselves a great spot. Enjoying the food and of course, the plentiful German beer. Makes a change from all the rosé we’ve been drinking. It was such a fun evening with Marcel, Lizzie and I really letting our hair down and singing away the craziness of the busy tourist season on top of our lungs and doing our best to forget about work the next day.

Short video impression of the festival (1:38)
Johnny Gallagher big surprise of the evening (2:40)
Longer version of the festival (6:26)

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