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A website is simply one piece of the ‘online presence’ puzzle. Before you throw thousands at a website you may not need at this stage, let’s find the best way to help your business shine online!

maybe you don’t need a website (yet)

Some freelancers start with a ‘free’ website like eg Wix, Weebly, that works just great for them. Others find that a combination of their social networks and a newsletter is just awesome. While a click funnel landing page is perfect for other self-employed entrepreneurs. Other business owners require full-blown membership sites and e-commerce platforms…

Consider who your ideal client is. How and where do you reach them? Why are they attracted to what you are offering? What value are you giving them? How are you building long-term relationships?

WE can help you extract and present your Unique offering to attract your ideal clients

online business coach

Our goal is to help self-employed professionals sparkle:

  • present yourself authentically
  • understand the bigger picture with bespoke client journeys
  • attract clients who value and appreciate you
  • build long-term ‘warm & fuzzy’ collaborations
  • choose the best tools to suit your available resources
  • make a positive impact in the (business) world

We help self-employed professionals create their online presence with e-commerce stores, content-rich websites and enticing client journeys. With a clear understanding of your business, we’ll find a fab way to present your unique offering to draw in the clients who align with you.

Tenacity, resilience, courage, adventure, going against the grain, taking responsibility, following your passion… why we love working with other heart-minded professionals.

Marcel & Victoria Koning

ON co-creating WITH US …

“Working with Victoria and Marcel is a wonderful experience. Both are incredible at what they do, and Victoria has this wonderful way of working with you that helps bring clarity to what you want and bringing all your ideas and vision to life in the most beautiful way.” Hayley

Online Business: Starter Pack

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Establishing your unique business online requires various phases: (1) initial business assessment (2) a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of what you’d like and which tools would achieve this in the most effective way (3) planning and co-creating the content (4) implementing the project (5) training so you are empowered and comfortable to update the content yourself.

This gives a good indication of the fees to establish your unique offering through a customer journey that utilises a Wordpress website, search engines, social media and email marketing. Feel free to “checkout” this product to discuss your business requirements (and to get an insight into how the webshop integration works, for future business needs).

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