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Let’s create your business online that authentically shares what you offer to attract your ideal clients.” We’ve been co-creating online expressions with our clients’ since 2007 to share their services and products in the form of websites, content creation and online marketing.

Let’s present your Unique offering!

We’d love to help you clarify your long-term goals, establish ‘client success journeys’ and then choose and implement the appropriate tools to fit your resources and budget.

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We help self-employed professionals sparkle!

  • Present yourself authentically
  • Heart-/brainstorming the full experience you offer
  • Inspire others with your unique USP without typical ‘sales gimmicks’
  • Create bespoke client journeys for your clients’ success
  • Vibrational marketing to attract your ideal clients
  • Build long-term ‘warm & fuzzy’ collaborations

Online Business: Unique Travel Experiences

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Opening up your (second) home or property to others is a fun way to meet people and augment your income. You can choose between offering full service of ‘dinner, bed and breakfast’ or ‘bed and breakfast’ or ‘bed only’ or even a piece of ground in a beautiful setting.

Your USP (unique selling proposition) is the unique experience you offer travellers.

What makes staying at your place different to the other travel experiences that people can enjoy? Is it buzzing with life, or tucked away in a remote region that’s whisper-quiet? What activities, facilities and amenities are available? How many people can you comfortably accommodate? Answers to these questions help your ideal client find you!

Setting up your establishment as a successful business online takes energy: time, money AND effort. Resources aren’t always fluid. And there are always things vying for your attention. Like that ‘escape to the Sun’ dream? We understand completely.

We love this one-page website ‘Online Business’ option, because it can grow as more resources become available to you. We’ll walk you through establishing an online/offline journey for travellers engaging with your business and then we’ll carve out a route together so you can present your experiences online to start getting bookings (or enquiries if you’d prefer).

When you’re ready to move onto the next phase, we can dive into multi-channel approaches e.g. newsletters, blog posts, search engine optimisation, social media and email marketing.

We’ve mapped out the following phases for this project:

  1. initial business assessment and clarifying your goals and intention
  2. a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of what your guests could experience, and establish which tools could achieve this in the most effective way
  3. planning and co-creating the content
  4. implementing the project
  5. training so you are empowered and comfortable to run with it (e.g. update content) yourself.

If this sounds on track, let’s hop on a call to meet each other, and take it from there.


What are the next steps for this online business project?

First book a 15-min call so we can meet and chat about your business requirements. Then if you’d prefer more guidance before diving into such a large project, you’re welcome to book ad-hoc digital consulting until you’re ready.

We’ll establish the project scope together and agree on a payment structure to suit both parties. Indicate your readiness by checking out this option quoting the reference id and select ‘Project’ as the payment method.

We look forward to co-creating the online channel for your unique travel experiences x

During our visit to the wonderful Biedouw Valley, we were inspired by the adventurous experiences that our nephew Kyle offers his guests and wanted to help him present it online. Take a look at ๐Ÿ‘€ JAI YEN YEN ๐Ÿ‘€ (and don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to him if this captivates your travel bug too!)

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ON co-creating WITH US …

“Working with Victoria and Marcel is a wonderful experience. Both are incredible at what they do, and Victoria has this wonderful way of working with you that helps bring clarity to what you want and bringing all your ideas and vision to life in the most beautiful way.” Hayley

“Adventure, courage, resilience, going against the grain, self leadership, alignment with higher self, following your passion … why we love working with other heart-minded professionals.”

Marcel & Victoria Koning

co-creating authentic expressions online with heart-centred professionals