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Your inner child thrives when you’re doing what you love, and expressing yourself authentically and transparently. Let’s get your business exuding this online!

We love helping heart-centred professionals (help their ideal clients) through clarifying long-term goals, establishing ‘client success journeys’ and choosing and implementing appropriate tools to fit their resources and budget.

Which toolkit would best serve your business?

It could be that the ‘free website’ you started with is too clunky, or doesn’t express your business goals well enough. Perhaps you’re looking to add a combination of social networks and a newsletter. Or you’ve heard great things about click funnel landing pages but aren’t sure if that’s the right path right for you. Maybe you’re secretly dreaming of a full-blown membership site with super-duper bells and whistles …

With so many options, how does one choose the best toolkit? Consider who your ideal client is. How and where do you reach them? Why are they attracted to what you are offering? What value are you giving them? How are you building long-term relationships? What resources do you have available to invest in your business?

WE can help you extract and present your Unique offering to attract your ideal clients

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Our goal is to help self-employed professionals sparkle:

  • present yourself authentically
  • understand the bigger picture with bespoke client journeys
  • attract clients who value and appreciate you
  • build long-term ‘warm & fuzzy’ collaborations
  • choose the best tools to suit your available resources
  • make a positive impact in the (business) world

We help self-employed professionals create their online presence with e-commerce stores, content-rich websites and enticing client journeys. With a clear understanding of your business, we’ll find a fab way to present your unique offering to draw in the clients who align with you.

Adventure, courage, resilience, going against the grain, self leadership, alignment with higher self, following your passion … why we love working with other heart-minded professionals.

Marcel & Victoria Koning

ON co-creating WITH US …

“Working with Victoria and Marcel is a wonderful experience. Both are incredible at what they do, and Victoria has this wonderful way of working with you that helps bring clarity to what you want and bringing all your ideas and vision to life in the most beautiful way.” Hayley

Co-Create With Us

We are currently building a ‘Journey of Transformation‘ group workshop/course for NetNomads Community that walks entrepreneurs through the process of building their business online.

We also work with heart-centred professionals on a 1-2-1 basis (ad-hoc consulting on an hourly basis).

To showcase the webshop, we’ve included two further products sharing information about creating a ‘quick-and-easy webshop’ or opting for the ‘full gamut’; a multi-channel approach.

Please note that we work with a limited number of clients concurrently, so these are subject to availability x

NetNomads Community SkillXChange:
We accept partial SkillXChange by prior agreement.

Let’s Get You sparkling online!