Ap2C Marketing Academy

The best takeaway from the lockdowns has been the mindshift of seeing the benefits of working online from home. Many people are discovering the freedom of selling other peoples’ goodies online, without needing to manage inventory or pick & pack products. But where does one start? Branding yourself? Social media? Copywriting and SEO? There is a lot to take in…

We are members of the AP2C Academy that is teaching people how to become successful affiliate marketers. They use the MLM Network Marketing model, which is another great way to earn an additional, relatively passive, recurring income.

what is MLM Network Marketing?

Famously adopted by companies like Tupperware and Avon Makeup, MLM Network Marketing is known as peer-to-peer selling, where people like you and me share our passion for something within our networks.

In our experience, the teams we nurture support each other on multiple levels, sharing experiences and introducing various methods for gaining multiple streams of income in an authentic, legitimate way.

Affiliate Marketing Academy AP2C

Many freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to hire professionals to help them establish their online business. We’re recommending this option as a soft-landing to help them ‘dip their toes into the water’ to understand the nuts-and-bolts of being an online entrepreneur.


Having started our online business journey back in 2003, we appreciate the content and knowledge contained in the Starter pack – good value at $190! Wish this had been available back then!

In full transparency, there are 3 levels of access: Starter, Apprentice and Pro.

You can unlock the next levels either by purchasing them (at their full price), or by sharing the academy with others, earning points as you build your team.

Other benefits in the pipeline include the travel program and an exciting passive income option.

Information is shared in the images below. Webinars are held on a regular basis. If this piques your interest, give us a shout and we’ll loop you in on the details.

ready to join?

Overview of the AP2C Academy