A Spanish family holiday

Golden sunshine accompanied us past Mont St. Victoire on our journey towards Spain. Auntie Pen was happy to trundle along with us in the landy over a couple of days instead of taking an easy jet.

The road trip was very chilled, although the camping spots were a little too touristy for all of our liking. We’re still searching for the ‘quiet little campings in Southern Europe’ guidebook. Anyone got a tip?

Our family had booked a large self-catering house in Calpe up the coast from Alicante, not too far from the beach, with its own swimming pool. What a luxury.

It’s really nice when everyone does their own thing, and you get together when you want to. We walked a lot, especially along the promenades hugging the coastline. Not as enthusiastic as Kinga about Zumba lessons on the beach, I dragged Marcel around the city doing sight-seeing with an occasional dip in the sea. Would that be called sight-seaing? LOL.

The busy tourist season in Cotignac was in full swing, so we couldn’t take off too much time and wanted to take it easy on the way back too. 

The day before we left, we found a water sport centre and wanted to go scuba diving, however the wind was too heavy so instead we enjoyed another laid-back drink in the sunshine.

The rest of the group went back the following week, with Susan and Khiana earning their guppy status. Yay, welcome to the diving fraternity!

At the Spanish/French border, we bought a lovely box of frozen langoustines and big tins of olive oil. Pen took advantage of the cheaper ciggies.

On setting up camp, our dinner was still a bit frozen. No worries, we had time to let them defrost slowly while we enjoyed Spanish rosé sangria made in a teapot.

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