Overlooking the (frozen) lake from behind Bjorkasen

What?!? I hear you ask. Yup, snow is a really big deal when you grow up in sunny South Africa, and don’t live near the on- or-two skiing regions. For us, it was swimming, braais, visiting the coast and wildlife reserves like the Kruger Park…

Thanks to our excellent hosts, Anne Helene and Vidar, we were up and about in no time!

During our time in Cotignac, we were also caretakers for five years of a gorgeous manor, Lou Marronie. The wonderful Norwegian owners, Anne Helene and Vidar, invited us to spend a week with them in Norway and took us to their beautiful lodge in the Norwegian countryside called Bjorkaasen Hunting Mountain Lodge.

Their mountain lodge, Jaktslottet Bjørkåsen in Gålå is situated on the Peer Gynt Trail (cross-country skiing route) so you step out the front door and you’re there! A nature-lover’s paradise!!!

We helped them create a WordPress website, using some of the photos and videos we took during our visit, and can’t recommend this incredible place highly enough!! Visit http://bjorkaasen.no/ for more info.