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  • A Rocketship on Water – Lelystad RIB Experience

    A Rocketship on Water – Lelystad RIB Experience

    If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush on the water with a bunch of mates come to Lelystad Rib Experience. You’re in for some speed, wind in the hair, sea spray, low flying and big smiles.



    Permanent Roadtrip EU on Google Maps, for family and friends to follow. We hope you guys enjoy, or are perhaps inspired too! See you on the road!

  • Netherlands gets a thumbs up | Road Trip Blog #4

    Netherlands gets a thumbs up | Road Trip Blog #4

    To Do List: find a campsite near The Hague, do some drifting, pull the gearbox on the Landy, visit our friends and family, check out a rowing boat, have some lunch and stroll along the beach…

  • DriftSport basic driver training in drifting

    DriftSport basic driver training in drifting

    An exhilarating day on the track track trying to get the car floating around the corners.

  • Catalina PBY-5A flight in Lelystad

    Catalina PBY-5A flight in Lelystad

    From the moment the old engines roared to life (including three water landings (and take-offs) until we returned) you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces.

  • Sailing between Lelystad & Batavia Harbours

    A big adventure doesn’t necessarily mean miles and miles away … it can also be right on your doorstep! After inheriting his father’s boat, Rob and Diana, our good friends and neighbours, have decided to moor it locally. Across the road from us in fact. Fabulous for a quick getaway … We first sailed over […]

  • Best apple pie in Amsterdam (day trip)

    Best apple pie in Amsterdam (day trip)

    Our goal was a leisurely stroll through the Jordaan and then to partake in a high tea; the English tradition being surprisingly popular with Dutch ladies.

  • Land Rover repair: Swivel housing replacement

    Since returning from Portugal last year, Muddy Boots developed a rather nasty disposition of break-dancing across the road whilst travelling around 80 km/hour. Also known as the “death wobble” or “death shake”. Sometimes it got so bad, we thought the steering wheel would rip our arms straight off. Land Rover guru Rob Stewart, who worked […]

  • LRCH Ladies Day 2012

    LRCH Ladies Day 2012

    What a blast! We’ve been to a couple of Ladies Days with the Land Rover Club, but this one (in 2012) was really funky.

  • Dutch Championship 4×4 Challenge

    Dutch Championship 4×4 Challenge

    We popped over to the 4×4 terrain in Almere to find out more about the (in)famous Dutch Offroading Challenge.

  • Big 5, diesel and dust Bikkel Weekend at Beekse Bergen

    Big 5, diesel and dust Bikkel Weekend at Beekse Bergen

    Bikkel Weekend – i.e. THE coldest night we have ever spent in a summer tent with no heating!

  • LRCH Offroad Den Haag

    LRCH Offroad Den Haag

    It was pretty cold and very misty. You could see only 50 meters on the roads and it remained that way, pretty much, all day. Our destination was some coördinates in the shade of the Prins Claus fly-over near The Hague, Netherlands. Because of the fog, it became a mysterious adventure. Mentally, we were heading […]

  • Spice trail to Beverwijk

    Spice trail to Beverwijk

    The Dutch kitchen is quite simple: hearty “stamppots” [mash and stew] in Winter and raw herring in Summer. Cheese, on the other hand, is available all year round. It’s not for nothing that we’re fondly referred to as “kaaskops” [cheese heads]! But even our personal favourite, the magnificent mature gouda, can do with a bit […]

  • 4×4 Night drive in Axel

    How crazy do you have to be, to drive 250 kilometers for a few hours of off-roading? Well, if you own a Land Rover (especially in Holland), you’ll certainly understand. The town of Axel (Netherlands) is our destination and this time there’s a big difference. Light. Or lack thereof… It’s a night drive. So we […]

  • Cheesy grins and smoked eels in Volendam

    You’ve seen the photos right? Of people dressed up in long black dresses and funny white bonnets that curve up at the ears? Or holding baskets of tulips or big round cheeses? Well, so have we. And … it’s gotta be done!! For years, we’ve waited for the right moment. And now, with Karen and […]

  • Last summer day in Amsterdam

    Could it be true? One more day of warm, golden sunshine? Walking to the bus stop, we’re hopeful, in our summer-to-autumn layers. It’s an early start to get to Rembrandtplein in time for Marcel to see the kick-off (France vs New Zealand, RWC 2011). With Karen and Taryn visiting from Newcastle, we grab our chance […]

  • Sailing on Lauwersmeer

    With Marcel’s heavy workload our weekend camping plans went astray, so we were planning a quiet weekend at home. “Nothing of the sort!” thought Rob and Diana who phoned us on Friday afternoon. “How about joining us on Lauwersmeer for a night? And if Taryn is happy to, she can spend the night with Naomi […]

  • Crouching Man and Christmas dinner in the snow

    Crouching Man and Christmas dinner in the snow

    When most people light up their Christmas trees and stoke the home fires for Christmas, we took our festivities outside into the snow.

  • LRCH camping weekend in Axel

    LRCH camping weekend in Axel

    Each year hundreds of 4×4’s descend onto an open field during the “Pinksteren” [Pentecost] holiday weekend. The reason?

  • So I married a truck driver…

    So I married a truck driver…

    So she’s flown a plane (well we can tick that one off), scuba dived (got that one pretty much sorted), she’s jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane before…

  • Flying Lesson in Lelystad

    Flying Lesson in Lelystad

    For my birthday in 2006, Marcel gave me a totally unexpected and wonderful gift – a flying lesson at Lelystad airport.