You can get right up to the fishing boats at Port en Bessin - very interesting (this was Sunday so all moored up)

Time for a refreshment – me thinks! The call of the beer is strong. We headed straight for the coast from that nearby, tired remainder of an excuse for a museum (yes – strong language!) and entered Port En Bessin via the ‘service’ entrance – the fishery. Row upon row of fishing boats lay stacked along the quays – Sunday, of course, being a day of rest.

We kept driving into the village, past some cafés, bars and bistros, expecting to be blocked or turned around at any point… But we ended up right on the harbour. With a parking space. Right next to the port entrance. Within a two minute walk of a cold, refreshing beer… What would you do?

And it is a sweet little town, well worth a leisurely stroll down the promenade, eyeing out the fishing boats and quaint village buildings. There weren’t too many people, but it was busy enough with quite a few braving the biting sunshine in search of an aperitif…

A Windy Campsite!

On return to our campsite, we found our tent blown half over by a stiff sea breeze that was growing in strength. Being positioned on the hill overlooking a magnificent view of the sea we were however far too exposed to the whims of a nautical wind.

We decamped to a more sheltered spot and rebuilt our camp in a more agreeable way with regards to wind strength and soon took to the interior as it had started raining as well. A great start to the summer season!

Our poor tent was now taking an impressive beating from the gusts of wind. We tried game-fully to sleep but were roused on numerous occasions by the incessant flapping of the tent fabric. At four a.m. we decided to spare our shelter from any more beating and packed it all away in the dead of night.

A rather efficient effort indeed, making bed inside the old Land Rover. Finally, some peace, although the vehicle rocked on its springs with the gusts of wind now reaching 70 km/h…

Yes – a good welcome to Normandy! A very interesting part of the English channel with a lot of history. And good cider… If you had to pick only one of these museums I guess Omaha Beach is a very good presentation. We shall come back again and explore further afield and delve deeper into the older history – and check the weather! Although, it must be said in closing that a grey sky and stiff breeze rather suit the mood…