Provence sabbatical day 28 – sea spray in St. Tropez

A nice lie-in after a fab Christmas dinner with Patricia. Around lunchtime, we took the leisurely route to St. Tropez, enjoying the sunshine. I must say, it is such a gorgeous part of the world. The drive through the mountains quite breathtaking. 

The wind in St. Tropez was very strong, and crashed the Med onto the parking lot. Makes for great photos. Not so great for preventing rust. Luckily we found a number of fresh water puddles on the way home to compensate 😉

We walked around the waterfront. Most of the shops were shut, we figured because it’s Boxing Day, and everything was a little deserted. The humongous boats were mightily impressive, but what tickled my fancy was how the jetties for the small boats had more protective security.

Perhaps the thinking is that no one would have the audacity to board the larger vessels? Except James Bond of course. That’s the kind of thing he’d do.

It’s a pretty esplanade, for sure. But for someone like me, who doesn’t get much of a kick out of shopping or doesn’t understand the need for such opulence, the whole place was a little wasted. It could be that I missed the magic …

My favourite part was walking along the sea’s edge. The gusts of wind were a lot of fun. Our poor camera took a bit of a salt-beating with all the spray … but then again, that’s why we chose a Pentax, because they’re built tough. Yours truly decided to walk a little too close to the water’s edge … and a teeny little wave crashed up … and drenched my pants! Would that count as a New Year’s Dip? ha ha ha.

We warmed up in a little restaurant near the edge. Don’t ask how much that coffee cost.

We wanted to get to the Carrefour in Frejus, so headed up the coast. Wow. What a treat. The sun was setting against a deep, brooding sky. St. Maxime reminded us of Cape Town and then the next village reminded us of ‘Toti in KZN. Ooh, this definitely warrants another visit!

Our visit to Frejus was quick and efficient. In and out of the store as soon as possible. A drive home in the dark. Marcel still took the back road via Entrecasteaux. We didn’t come across another car. Fabulous. I managed to take what now seems like a gazillion photos. Right now, it’s another midnighter … so bonne nuit!

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