Cotignac in winter

Think I got an hour’s sleep last night. Or was that half an hour? Anyhoo, I was feeling really yucky this morning. And my allergy to short-haired animals has been playing up, so I’m sneezing and my eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of my head. So to answer Tjitske’s question, “yes, my face is all purple!”

We were planning on going up the hill with Rob and Diana on a route that Patricia had told us about, but I just wanted to climb back into bed. Marcel fixed the bathroom tiles, and resealed the bath. And looking at the glorius sunshine, I figured it’d be better to treat this like jet-lag. Get busy and crash tonight.

Marcel and I walked down to the village. The waterfall is even more impressive than before. And it finally showed up in the wide-angled photo. Not even a mouse was stirring in Du Cours, so we thought we’d explore the place a little more.

By chance or circumstance, we found Sidsel’s place. And continued up the hill towards “le rocher”. Wow. Stunning homes built into the rock face. If we understand the little sign properly, the caves have been in use since 1314. Cool!

Understanding Pen’s village vibe

We eventually found our way back down and enjoyed a beer at our local, Phil’s Brasserie. The owners are very friendly and turned on the outside heaters so we could enjoy the village life a little longer.

Pen said some of her favourite moments last winter were in the village. No tourists. Just locals. Friendly French interactions. Folk quietly grabbing every ray of sunshine.Yeah, we’re getting it. Bit by bit.

Have no idea what’s in store for tomorrow, we’ll play it by ear.
Nighty, nighty people. Don’t let bed bugs bite.