Top view of Landy on Camping Des Deux Soleils

So we finally made the move from Cotignac and hit the road up north. The road to Grenoble is a fantastic little road especially between Sisteron and Grenoble. About an hour north of Sisteron is the little town called Serres.

Here you can branch-off towards Gap and the Italian Alps or you can continue to Grenoble which is getting toward the region of Albertville. Albertville is coincidentally where we picked up Pepé as well, which is really cool and this way we kind of got to know this road very well!

We’ve done this about half a dozen times and it never fails to disappoint. The D-51 passes through the town of Manosque and then on to Sisteron, which has quite a dramatic setting.

Abandoned Barillons

On previous visits to the village of Serres, we found a campsite which was maybe a one-star on the scale, situated next to the Old Railway line. The appeal of camping Barillons was the simplicity, there is nothing else around. No comforts, no pool or any of that and even the ablution blocks are a little bit tired.

The appeal is the quiet and peaceful surroundings. There is a little restaurant and a little bar where you can grab a beer if you like, and you’re surrounded by hills and mountains. Just a great way to chill and get some silence around you. 

However, this time when we arrived the camping was closed! It seemed abandoned and might have been a victim of the whole Covid situation which has been going for over a year. Hopefully not.

This gave us a bit of a challenge because we needed to find a place for the evening. We attacked our apps, as well as Google maps, and we were heading northwards once again when we suddenly saw a sign at the side of the road indicating a campsite. No further information -so we thought let’s go in here and have a look.

Camping les deux Soleils

We’re glad we did because it’s a great place with great views of the surrounding mountains. The pitches are quite compact but they don’t really need to be very big either. There’s a pool on-site, there’s a restaurant and bar, all of that, which is really cool. We were lucky enough to arrive in a period that was not too busy – I can’t speak for how it will be in summer.

And we had a really enjoyable time here just chilling, doing a bit of work and we tried out our Oztent for the first time.

In the village of Serres (which is about 5 km from the campsite), there are numerous little bars and restaurants. And it’s got some really old historic buildings. The centre of the village is situated right along a river and is really nice. Well worth a quick visit as well.

After we had spent a few days here we hit the road again heading further north and in fact towards Switzerland. Geneva is not really that far away – just a couple of hours.

I can recommend this place – it has everything you need. The campsite is pretty quiet, it has good views of the mountain and is an extremely good value at 17 Euros a night including a hookup for electricity.

From Serres heading north, we head into the Alps proper – which is where the serious mountainous region begins…