Solo camping on this amazingly thick green grass

We had a lovely couple of nights in Serres,  but now it was time to move on and head for the North. Actually, Switzerland is not that much of a stretch. The Alps beckon, the mountains loom large in front of us. Would we be able to cross those steep passes?

We land on Simon and Kinga’s doorstep, who live in the town of Morges, which is right on Lake Leman. We spent a couple of days with them and explored the area as well as the lake itself. Switzerland is an amazing country. Surrounded by mountains, incredibly clear skies and quaint little villages you can easily spend a couple of weeks just in one area.

Also, during the summer it has a totally different vibe to the winter-snow covered peaks. It was magic just to catch up for a while and hang out for a bit at the start of our great adventure. Who knows when we will be back in this area again?

After a lovely visit, we were duty-bound to head back over the border into France. We need to register our business in the Netherlands, but for today our destination was somewhere in the middle, in the region of Beaune and just touching the National Park of the Morvan.

We found a tiny little camping in the village of Ménèssaire. A mini-camping, which means less than 10 pitches. Even though it is small we still had practically the whole place to ourselves.

The pitch was enormous (the whole area being unfenced with any hedges). The grass was luscious underfoot and very thick. The old farm building was really quaint with a bit of old history to it and the Dutch couple was welcoming and seemed to run the place with a certain precision. 

The ablution block was newly renovated and there is even a dedicated room in the old building which you can use for functions or dinners, or for work.

Another little bonus was the usable Wi-Fi – possibly because we were the only people on the campsite. The campsite sort of overlooks an old Chateau in the classic style that you might see in a Disney movie. The town of Ménèssaire has a hint of mediaeval style. Overlooking the green forests of the Morvan region was just fantastic.

It might be a good place to visit again if in the area, although we had to push on and get to our appointment in the Netherlands. The area was very quiet and peaceful, with no noise at all. At night it was so quiet you could hear the crickets and even the birds in the pitch darkness. So, as a quiet, restful campsite, it definitely gets a thumbs up from my side.