Restaurant Port Side at Lelystad Harbour

Now that we have been on the road for or a couple of weeks and we have given our setup a test run we needed to push on to make an appointment in the Netherlands.

We had a huge to-do list, so I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, as well as the video at the bottom. This visit was a split between business and pleasure. On the business end, we registered our non-profit platform and I managed to pull the gearbox to repair the thrust bearing.

On the pleasure side, we hung out with friends and family and spent some time on the water near our old town of Lelystad. Vic got to experience some drifting at the Driftsport day at the race track.

Holland is a great place to visit – despite being the flattest place on Earth. Water dominates the whole country and everything is devoted to keeping the water confined and regulated.

We had an appointment at the notary in order to register our new non-profit community: NetNomads. This was in the region of The Hague which led us to grab a campsite called: “De Drie Morgen”.

Camping De Drie Morgen

This campsite is brand new and still in the process of establishing itself in terms of greenery taller than a blade of grass… It is situated in the middle of the oldest polder in Holland and you feel a little exposed to the elements but the view – flat as it is – is just incredible. The campsite is a good site from which to stage your visit to the area around the Hague.

After registering our business we found time to have lunch in the quaint village of Voorburg – it doesn’t really get much more Dutch than this.

We also found time to explore the beachfront of the Hague/ Scheveningen. This is an incredible place for beach cafés lining the beachfront for a distance of at least 3 kilometres. Here I managed to find a really good herring.

In Lelystad, we spent some quality time with our best friends.

Being situated right on the lake meant we also managed to trail a vintage rowing boat for the national historic lifeboat day. This was quite an interesting experience and kudos to the volunteers who man the lifeboats.

Being in the Netherlands was at once familiar for us, and also felt a little bit strange – as if we were tourists.  We were happy to have done the paperwork involved for our new venture,  we spent some time just chilling, repairing our vehicle and preparing for the next stage of our road trip. 

I will give the Netherlands a hearty thumbs up. There is a lot to do and explore!