A big adventure doesn’t necessarily mean miles and miles away … it can also be right on your doorstep! After inheriting his father’s boat, Rob and Diana, our good friends and neighbours, have decided to moor it locally. Across the road from us in fact. Fabulous for a quick getaway …

We first sailed over to Batavia-Haven (about 3 km’s away) to see what was happening. The Wharf has organised a Pirate Day, and many people had dressed up. One little vessel even had a string quartet serenading it’s crew!

The adventure of “seeing where the wind took us” certainly overruled the plan of heading to Enkhuizen. The choppy waters and unfavourable winds could have seen us arriving at 2am and rather green around the gills. So we decided to keep it local. And perused the slightly sheltered waters behind the dyke between Lelystad and Batavia harbours.

I took the wheel, with Captain Rob stepping in every now and then, especially when I turned to watch the jumping kite-surfers and the boat went the other way! It took a while to get the feel and knack of the boat, but not bad for a first attempt.

We headed into port at ‘beer-o-clock’ and were greeted warmly by the sunshine. Later that evening, we went in search of meal. The first restaurant was way too posh for our casual wear, the second was hosting a wedding, the third a 50th birthday party and the fourth was closed. We struck it lucky with the 5th one … De Rede.

Only 4 months old, but full of promise. Delicious food, and lots of smiling waitors and waitresses. Unheard of in Holland. Normally you’re (un)welcomed by a grumpy server who has too much to do (yes, staff costs are exhorbitant here).

t’s amazing how relaxing it is sleeping on a boat. Gentle rocking to and fro. Luverly!! We all woke up late, and very relaxed. Had a leisurely breakfast and ended off with coffee at La Place in an already heaving Bataviastad.

We put-putted back to Lelystad harbour and ended our weekend off with a cuppa, on such a buzz and still swaying from side to side. Awesome. Thanks, Rob & Diana for sharing a mini-adventure with us.