With Marcel’s heavy workload our weekend camping plans went astray, so we were planning a quiet weekend at home. “Nothing of the sort!” thought Rob and Diana who phoned us on Friday afternoon. “How about joining us on Lauwersmeer for a night? And if Taryn is happy to, she can spend the night with Naomi and Jessica in the cabin.”

Looking at all the water around us, our young niece had asked us numerous times when we’d be able to go on a boat. How could we refuse?!? So early Saturday morning, we packed our little tent and keyed the harbour’s address into the TomTom.

Taryn and I arrived around 1-ish and Rob helped us set up our tent. In what must have been hurricane-speed, Marcel finished laying the carpets and joined us around 3 pm. He also brought along some very welcome sunshine.

We motored across to an uninhabited island and swam in the lake. Jumping off the boat, as free as children, our stresses melted away. Brooding skies encouraged our return. The kids tucked safely in the cabin drew- and cut out 3d pictures. An obliging wind carried us across the lake. Wow. Quite magical!

As we sailed into the harbour, the heavens opened and raindrops the size of elephants trumpeted the water. As a result, we got wonderfully drenched since our raincoats were more water-resistant than waterproof, (luckily it wasn’t cold). The rain stopped long enough for us to erect the deck tent to sit out the storm, and we enjoyed delicious coq-au-vin and barbequed hamburgers on board. That night our little tent stayed dry, even though pummeled by a force 6 wind, giving us a comfortable night’s sleep. After a lazy Sunday breakfast, we packed up and drove home.

Even though it was just one night … it feels like we’ve been away for a week. Fresh air, on the water and great company. It doesn’t get much better than this! Thanks, Diana, it was a fabulous idea!