Scenic Wicklow Mountains in Ireland

When you’re not quaffing their delicious beers, the best thing to do in the Irish countryside is to get out there, whether you’re on foot or even braver, by bicycle. Sean and Patricia suggested a gentle ramble up Brown Mountain. OMG. Gorgeous and very steep.

Halfway up the mountain the forest protected us from the icy wind and stopped near the top. By that time however, it was incredibly welcome. We’d walked up quite a sweat. The views are wonderful.

It was our last evening, so we had to celebrate it with another pint. They’ve taken us to a number of different pubs, and each one has its own ambience and mood. Very different to the typical Irish pubs we find around the world. Having said that, the one we visited last was the most similar.

Sean recommended a route back to Dublin airport over the mountain pass. Breathtaking with the rain and lovely rainbows that ended right next to us. We didn’t see a pot of gold, but perhaps that’s why they talk of the ‘luck of the Irish’.

A wonderful weekend getaway. Merci mille fois nos amis xx

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