Cousins Ina and Andries live near Groningen in the very top of Holland. We live close to Amsterdam. When we go camping, we often meet in the middle. Okay, not so much in the middle. We choose a quiet little spot in Vierhuizen. Less crowded than other campings nearby … The proximity to Lauwersmeer National Park (Lauwer lake) makes it fabulous for cycling. Another drawcard to the area is the ferry to Schiermonnikoog.
Cycling around a Frisian island.

The Netherlands has five main islands off the Frisian coast (Friesland province where Frisian is spoken). Looking at the map, from left to right, these inhabited islands are called Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog and form part of a larger range of islands known as the Wadden islands. This island range extends through Germany on to the west of Denmark. They shield the mudflats on the north of Europe, which often run dry during low tide.

Schiermonnikoog is ideal for cycling! Depending on how fit you are, it’s relatively small – 4 km wide x 16 km long. There are about 1000 permanent residents, a fifth of whom have a car. For the rest of the visitors, no cars are allowed. If you’re not cycling, buses will shuttle you between the ferry terminal and town centre. But really, you go to Schiermonnikoog to cycle. Tip: check the ferry timetable. Especially when the last one for the day is or you could get stranded! The red lighthouse is fun to visit, and the beaches long and wide.

There is a fair amount of places to eat, and you can overnight in hotels or b&b’s (not sure if booking is required, likely in the high season). You can take your own bike along, or hire one at the ferry terminal. They got fabulous tandems bike for an adult and child. Or two adults. You can also hire a kiddie-trailer to tow toddlers behind you. A great day for family and friends!