LRCH coldest Easter weekend in 100 years

Karen and Taryn came to Holland over Easter; and that was the tipping point for us to join the Land Rover Club Holland in Germany for a little camping in the snow. We’d been considering selling our offroad trailer because it was too big, but after lugging tents, blankies, sleeping bags and a gazillion pillows, we figured it’s better to hang on to it. Literally, of course. They’re known as “hang on wagons” in Dutch [aanhangwagens].

Brrrr … especially when you’re camping!

The Easter bunny’s arrival was announced by Landy hooter and the excitement of kids around us was infectious, “the Easter bunny, the Easter bunny is heeeere!!!”. Then as the sound faded along with most of the kids, one little boy said forlorny, “the Easter bunny is gone”. Ah man. You could see the Easter eggs vanishing in his eyes.

I must say that my favourite thing about these weekends is the family time, and kids being kids outdoors and getting ridiculously dirty. How childhoods are meant to be!

But it’s not just the little kids that have all the fun. Check out the grin on my husband … Marcel and Simon took his 90 for a test drive, after it had been modified for more extreme offroading. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before a little TLC was needed.

All in all, a fabulous unhurried long weekend. As they say in Dutch, “Niets hoeft, alles mag”. Nothing is necessary, everything is possible.