artificial reef off the coast of Dominican Republic

And this fact is perhaps also singularly unremarkable except for the fact that grown men with new toys act like little boys.

Determined to test the thing to its fullest capabilities and possibly destruction. The object in question is a Pentax W60 waterproof compact camera and I can recommend this to everyone! I came away impressed by the photo quality and even managed to get some video footage.

A quick look at the inhabitants of a submerged section of concrete pipe just off the beach at Catalonia Royal Bavaro. This footage was taken ‘blind’ in a metre of water. Quite a lot of life down there…

To some, this is old news. We’ve dived and snorkelled all over the place as well. But it’s hard to explain the satisfaction that can be gained from capturing these images on film. I have to admit though, that having results that far outweigh your expectations, especially from a mini-camera, does help to raise the enjoyment factor.

Thus armed I spent quite a few hours in the water. The creative application was fairly simple: point-and-shoot; and hope to get something of value in the frame. I did realise that my ‘journey’ as an amateur photographer (like countless others) had only just begun. The possibilities are endless, at least up to about three metres deep…

And also remember to keep it short – difficult to do, of course – because the camera will get saturated at some point. This won’t be terminal, unlike some cameras we’ve had, but it does take a day or two to dry out before you can get back in the surf!