Co-Create With Us

Most heart-centred folk have a problem selling. But taking care of sales is taking care of YOU! This is an invitation to put your Heart into the health of your business, while offering your clients incredible value!

We love using Ecwid to create a beautifully laid-out ‘single page website’ with webshop functionality. It plays so beautifully with social media. Your clients will find you where they are eg Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, … and have the freedom of learning about and engaging with you in their time. They are ‘paying’ you first with their attention. Wow! Thank you!! As they witness who you are, and see what you can do for them, they get to check out your services and then ‘pay you with money’.

Perhaps you’re also tired of all the upsells, cross-sells and landing pages? People promising a ‘FREE masterclass’ thinly disguised as a sales pitch. There is nothing wrong with sales pitches. Or free masterclasses. We believe it should be transparent. We’re not trying to ‘trick’ anyone into a purchase. People are ready. Or they are not. We LOVE transparency!

How to invest in your business with us:

  • Let’s Meet! Free 20-min zoom call
  • Online business projects (€1950 based on 35-40 hours)
  • Consulting (€55 per hour, post project €45 per hour)
  • Video editing (variable per length of video)
  • Audio book narration (variable per length of book)
  • Group workshops (€15 for 90-min live Zoom session)

Firstly let’s meet and take it from there!

We’re super excited about creating some online magic with you x

Budget constraints? We feel ya! Reach out to see what’s possible to create a win-win for everyone xx