Digital Consulting: Express Yourself Online

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We specialise in working with heart-based professionals offering services, small business owners offering products as well as property owners offering unique travel experiences.

If you’re new to this online business game, or are looking for advice about changing the way you express your business online, this ad-hoc digital consulting is the service for you. But first, let’s meet!


When you’re ready to dive in a little deeper, these are the steps:

  1. Choose a 60-min time slot that suits you (tip: you can book as many as you’d need before deciding on your big project)
  2. We’ll email confirmation of our availability with a reference number
  3. Checkout this option to indicate your readiness and make the payment
  4. You’ll receive the details for our zoom call by email
  5. Looking forward to helping you help your clients succeed!

Did you know that most professionals nowadays don’t need full-blown websites e.g. blog posts, forums, member areas, etc. A single-page website that shares what’s on offer combines nicely with social media to build rapport. Email marketing is great for staying in touch with your audience. What we do best is help people create a ‘one-page website’ (with ecommerce functionality) that’s relatively quick-and-easy to get up-and-running and just as importantly, for you to maintain. We’ll also walk you through creating bespoke journeys for your clients’ success.

We love this one-page website option for its scalability. It plays very nicely with other platforms, so when you are ready to build out your multi-channel approach, we can hit the ground running. Videos are also a great way to help people get to know you, so do check out our video editing services too!

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