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“So what do I do with all my footage? How do I pick the best shot? How can I trim the shaky parts out? How can we use it to tell a story? And do I have time for this?”

This is where the complicated side of videography comes in. Editing a coherent and entertaining video out of all this footage takes some skill, a bit of magic, and a lot of patience.

Taking video is pretty easy these days. You point your phone or camera at what you want to share and press the button. It couldn’t be more simple! Maybe you’re sharing some thoughts, or trying to share an awesome, exciting moment.

Perhaps it is informative or simply intended to be entertaining. We all have an ever-increasing pixel count as well – and file size – that requires an ever-increasing amount of storage. And not only file size, yeah, but also the number of files has increased exponentially.

Luckily there are guys out who there enjoy weaving a little creativity into a subject or polishing up the rough edges of your efforts. People who have some skill, a touch of magic, and the required patience. I am very happy to help in forming your project into something a little special.

Let’s have a chat on zoom to discuss your visual storytelling.


Putting a value on video editing isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Some projects may take an hour or two, others can take days. The length of your video is the major determining factor, of course, but also the media that you need: audio, stock footage, transitions, text, etc.

So where do we stand? Let’s try and simplify it into the basics and put a number on it:

  • Minimum Fee: €67.50
  • Simple Editing (trim and frame clips, transitions where needed, rearrange footage, simple texts, fades): €12.00 per video minute
  • Video over ten minutes long (create a timeline and basic storyline, trim and frame clips, transitions where needed, rearrange footage, simple texts, fades): €15:00 per video minute

So now that we have a little more clarity regarding costs, who are you dealing with?

My name is Marcel and I have been shooting and editing videos for over ten years. I have published over 600 videos on our YouTube channel, with over 14 million views on a very niche topic: Land Rovers. 15,000+ people have found my efforts compelling enough to subscribe! So I can say I have a passion for the creative process, especially behind the scenes.

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