Master your Mind. Master Your Life.

The greatest Gift we have is being able to connect with Source deep within ourselves

Life can be tough! And our time on earth is fleeting. Learn to appreciate every moment … even when it’s not going our way #lifeisfabevenwhenitsnot

Our analytical brain loves nothing more than thinking up a gazillion possibilities and threats, to the point of exhaustion. It stops us from sleeping well. Prolonged periods of stress and worry use up our restorative energy and eventually compromise our immunity and health. Teaching this critical mind how to be quiet, gives the rest of your systems a chance to do what they should be doing.

The overthinking, critical mind is like the loud-mouth-centre-of-attention at parties that garners all the energy. Learn to quieten it so you can think clearly, react smarter, and not be paralyzed in survival mode.

An energy-sapping overactive mind is our biggest obstacle!

♡ some of the tools we value ♡

benefits of breathwork

Our thoughts and emotions create chemicals in our body that determine our state of being. When we’re out of sync and feeling stressed, breathwork is an instant way to rebalance our selves by changing the chemistry of our bodies!

To share the feeling of calm and relaxation from their 4-month overwintering in Andalucia (Spain) we created this breathing breathwork starting with 3-second breaths leading up to 6-second breaths. Box breathing involves an equal count of inhales, holding your breath, exhales and holding your breath. ENJOY xx

“Welcome all you Beautiful Breathing People”

“Putting a 21st century spin on ancient breathing techniques infused with rhythmic music, I create these videos and music with love, aiming to uplift and bring positivity. Longer sessions offer a variety of benefits, including heart opening, manifestation, dissolving of the ego and self limiting beliefs, releasing trauma, and accessing altered states of consciousness.”


Our bodies are simply incredible! The different systems (autonomic nervous system, digestive and cardiovascular systems, etc) want to work together to keep us alive and healthy. Non-stop overly stressful schedules devour the energy they need, and our bodies become sick.

The Wim Hof Method supports these systems through deep conscious breathing and slow exposure to the cold. Enhancing our bodies’ essential chemicals, we become healthy, happy and strong. It’s been invaluable for Vic while grieving her Mother’s death and healing her asthma.


Becoming an adult means questioning all the (unconscious) emotions and beliefs that we’ve gathered along the way. And letting go of those that no longer serve us. Why? Our thoughts and emotions create our personal reality.

In his bestseller ‘Becoming Supernatural’ neuroscientist Dr Joe gently explains how our powerful electromagnetic systems work, and guides us through this transformative journey. Can’t recommend the book and guided meditations enough – do it!


When obstacles and challenges trip you up, it’s very helpful being able to put them into perspective. Indian mystic, yogi and visionary Sadghuru is fascinating to listen to. Study his book ‘Inner Engineering’, watch the videos, follow the guided meditations.

The more you learn about how this magnificent universe works, the more you’ll see how small that problem you’re facing really is. Being calm helps you face difficulties with grace and wisdom. La vie est belle !