Victoria Koning

Victoria Koning (néé Pitwood) was born in Cape Town on the 1st of March 1969, and knows South Africa pretty well, having lived in far away places like Tzaneen, Knysna and Henley-on-Klip. With her parents’ gypsy lifestyle, Vic had 40 homes by the time she was 20, teaching her to travel light and adapt to change.

Victoria attended Clarendon High School for Girls in East London (’82-’86). With limited resources, her unfulfilled uni-dream drove her to “make things happen” so aged 17, she moved to Johannesburg, after winning a modelling prize to buy the plane ticket.

Within 2 weeks of arriving in the city of gold, she was sitting behind the receptionist desk at Rio Tinto Mining House in Sandton. She was fascinated by the upcoming trend … personal computers, even making menus in DOS. At 28, Vic became the IT Manager at Oracle Corporation, managing a team of 12, having earned an “Achiever of the Year” award and her fave, “Most Positive Attitude”.

Life in The Netherlands

After getting married in 2001, Marcel and Victoria moved to the Netherlands, where they formed their flooring business partnership, MarVic VOF.

Vic followed the Naturalisation course, learned to speak Dutch and how to run a business in Holland; there are a gazillion rules! Aside from the bookkeeping and business administration, Vic joined Marcel on the larger flooring installations; their record was laying 120m2 of laminate in one day! 

In 2002, Vic started learning about websites design as well as online marketing and SEO. From 2007 MarVic offered webdesign services to other small business owners, and sold this part of the business to a Dutch web design company in 2013.

Volunteer webmaster for Land Rover Club Holland

After a 7-month learning curve in Drupal, Victoria built the complicated website, donating more than 300 hours to the mammoth project, “an exhausting challenge and fabulous learning experience”.

4-month sabbatical in Provence

In December 2013, Marcel and Victoria took the opportunity to experience Provençal life at its worst … in Winter to look after their auntie and uncle’s old farmhouse in Cotignac. Three months later Marcel and Victoria bit the bullet and returned to Holland. For a week. To pack up and move South.

Consultants in Cotignac

They are now residents of France and registered as “auto entrepreneurs” working with various homeowners and businesses in Cotignac doing online marketing, social media, and lots more.

Hobbies and interests include camping, nature, wildlife, offroading, scuba diving, sailing, photography, making videos, gardening and DIY.

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