About Us

Thank you for wandering over to our website. You’ll notice we really enjoy camping, Land Rovers, nature, adventure, well-being and the subtle pleasures a good beer can give.

Our goal is to live fully, with an intense sense of adventure, regardless of what’s on our path. Life is fab. Even when it’s not.

digital consulting

If you are looking for help to get your business online or trying to get your head around the complexities of a website build, we can help. We have been working remotely for over five years and have been building websites for twenty years and more. Learn more about our services – we have a pretty good grasp of SEO, email campaigns, website design, content writing and the challenges of starting a business (especially online).

The Love Story

I’m sure we all know how life can blindside you when you’re least expecting it. Back in 1999, neither of us was interested in a romantic relationship. A poetic collision of circumstances saw us becoming friends, someone to hang out with, and maybe go on the odd adventure. As our friendship deepened, we realised there was more to this journey to enjoy!

In March 2001, we said ‘I do’ in a little forest close to Hartebeespoort’s Dam, near Johannesburg in South Africa. It was perfect – even though I sobbed pretty much the whole way through 🙂
We rustled up this intimate affair together in just 2.5 weeks!

The Dream

As newlyweds committed to living a life of adventure, we gave up our steady jobs in the pursuit of becoming scuba diving instructors in the Caribbean. We submerged ourselves fully into dive courses, scuba gear and training. And even took up permanent residence in Umkomaas near Durban in order to rack up three dives a day.

We came away from this experience with mixed emotions. In the end, the cost of having this type of lifestyle job was too much for us, so we reluctantly shelved the idea. Was it a waste of resources? Hell no! Would we do it again? Hell yes! It was amazing and we learned so much. We’ve come to call these experiences “cha-cha moments” when you take a step backwards or sideways to be able to move forward.

The Dutch Experience

I wanted to learn my husband’s Dutch language and culture so we decided to move to his birthplace, Emmen in the Netherlands. Growing up in the Rainbow Nation (South Africa), we were both exposed to a melting pot of cultures and differences so I figured it would be a cinch. Wow, that was a culture shock! The locals weren’t welcoming of outsiders or their influences – closed, narrow-minded, protectionist. It was a real eye-opener being in a society so averse to change.

Fortunately, we were able to get work easily. Using skills learned from his dad and grandad, Marcel got to work as a flooring fitter and taught me the fine art of installing laminate flooring. It clicked very well (LOL).

After three years we found an apartment in Zwolle, and then bought a ‘rijtjeswoning’ (terraced house) near the Oostvaardersplassen in 2006 where we enjoyed eight very pleasant years.

The ever-growing internet seeded the idea of working remotely and travelling, so we set foot into the world of websites, content marketing and SEO. We also helped other small businesses with their websites and the new trend known as social media.

We’re very grateful to have experienced the “huisje, boompje, beestje” (suburban) lifestyle, but it’s not fulfilling for us. Our 12 years in Holland showed us how much of a contrast the laid-back “warmer climates” are versus work-focused “colder climates”. When our aunty mentioned she was looking for a winter guardian for her Provençal farmhouse in 2013, we jumped at the chance…

“Change is the only constant in life.”

The French Experience

Mid-winter in Provence can be chilly, grey and rain-soaked however the landscape, nature, the laidback-ness (is that a word?) and rural, outdoor lifestyle didn’t take long to hook us. We decided in the space of 3 months to move South permanently! Fortunately, we found a tenant for our Dutch house which finally took 4 years to sell…

Being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in a small community has made it easier to get all kinds of work, and the close-knit community has made us feel at home. Integrating into this mini melting pot called Cotignac was a lot easier than in Emmen 😉 We have been asked on numerous occasions, “So, is this it? Are you happy to be here forever?” “Hmm, never say never!”

The Nomad Experience

Engaging with a variety of travellers from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, … we’ve discovered a common feeling:

When you live elsewhere, your sense of home gets shattered

You don’t belong anywhere
And yet …
you belong everywhere

We’re happy to keep the South of France as our base, and our online business is enabling us to work remotely while travelling. There is still so much of this beautiful world that we want to explore – not as an “InstaTourist” looking for a quick pic, but as nomads…

Dipping our toes into other cultures, worlds and experiences. Knowing we can never revert to the way we were before. Embracing the unknown and loving change, however uncomfortable it is at the time.