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A crazy blend of English,
South African, Dutch 
and now French, following 
an unconventional path…

Sharing our love of landies, camping, outdoors, nature and simple living …

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Land Rover …

… proudly turning owners into mechanics since 1949!

Growing up in South Africa, the early Land Rovers were as iconic on the African landscape as the thorn trees they’d park under. We have both wanted one since we can remember. Our dream became reality when ‘Muddy Boots’ joined our family, and boy what an adventure that was! With our modified 90 we careened down the extreme 4×4 path, which quickly emptied the bank account, but left a huge smile on our faces.

Taking part in extreme 4x4 competitions in Europe
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About Us

Marcel and Victoria Koning are a melange of cultures, skills and experiences – from being practical hands-on problem solvers, to working with online media. They share a love of Land Rovers, camping, nature, good beer and trying to live simply. Our story began back in November ’99 …

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