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Express your unique gifts in a way that helps others see who you are, and what you can offer them. Authentically. Transparently.” We’ve been co-creating online expressions with our clients’ since 2007 to share their services and products in the form of websites, content creation and online marketing.

Let’s present your Unique offering!

We love helping heart-centred professionals clarify long-term goals, carve out ‘client success journeys’ and then choose and implement appropriate tools to fit their resources.

online business coach

We help self-employed entrepreneurs sparkle!

  • Present yourself authentically
  • Heart-/brainstorming the full experience you offer
  • Inspire others with your unique USP without typical ‘sales gimmicks’
  • Create bespoke client journeys for your clients’ success
  • Vibrational marketing to attract your ideal clients
  • Build long-term ‘warm & fuzzy’ collaborations

Co-Create With Us

Creating a beautifully laid-out ‘single page website’ with webshop functionality is perfect for most entrepreneurs to get selling quickly. It integrates very well with social media so you can sell through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc if desired. It’s super easy for clients to change pricing, descriptions and update photographs themselves and doesn’t require a lot of time to manage. Your multi-channel approach can grow as your business grows!

We LOVE transparency! Online Business Co-Creation Investment:

Working with a limited number of clients concurrently, we invite you to reach out to see what’s possible.

Firstly let’s meet and take it from there! We’re super excited about creating some online magic with you x

NetNomads Community SkillXChange:
We accept partial SkillXChange by prior agreement.

ON co-creating WITH US …

“Working with Victoria and Marcel is a wonderful experience. Both are incredible at what they do, and Victoria has this wonderful way of working with you that helps bring clarity to what you want and bringing all your ideas and vision to life in the most beautiful way.” Hayley

“Adventure, courage, resilience, going against the grain, self leadership, alignment with higher self, following your passion … why we love working with other heart-minded professionals.”

Marcel & Victoria Koning

co-creating authentic expressions online with heart-centred professionals