Digital Consulting @asimplyfablife

Helping fellow heart-minded professionals, freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs express themselves authentically online to build long-term relations with their ideal clients

Having a co-creator who understands the layers of building an online business is invaluable, as is having someone help you extract your USP and determine the best ways for you to present yourself.

Heart-MINDED Co-creation

Our goal is to help (self-employed) professionals sparkle:

  • present yourself authentically
  • understand the bigger picture with bespoke client / customer journeys
  • attract clients who value and appreciate you
  • build long-term ‘warm & fuzzy’ collaborations
  • choose the best platforms and tools to suit your available resources
  • make a positive impact in the (business) world

online business coach

Consider a website as simply one piece of the ‘online presence’ puzzle. Think about who is your ideal client? How and where do you reach them? Why are they attracted to what you are offering? What value are you giving them? How are you building long-term relationships? Creating a client (or customer) journey helps business owners understand the bigger picture.

Best Platforms for Your business?

The starting point for a business website is the so-called ‘virtual business card’. These can be easily and cost-effectively created with a DIY platform such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or Some freelancers find a combination of their social networks and a newsletter platform efficient for their purposes. Or perhaps a simple landing page or click funnel is all that is needed. Other businesses require full-blown membership sites and e-commerce platforms. Together we establish the purpose of your online presence and how we can best present your unique offering.

Let’s Get You sparkling!

Whether it’s drilling down to the core of your services to find the value you bring to others or writing a post, creating a video, taking photos, building a website, or generating a client journey map, we can co-create an online presence that authentically expresses who you are and what your business offers.

Our not-for-profit platform NetNomads Community is an additional resource to help heart-minded professionals collaborate, and to support each other in personal and professional growth.

transparent & authentic

A lot of our energy is being used to build NetNomads Community. But we also love helping other heart-minded professionals establish themselves online. Instead of using our precious resources and energy to build a dedicated website for our digital consulting, like most other webmasters and online coaches do, we are delighted to rather use this time and energy to co-create with others. Word-of-mouth works well for us 🙂

Contrary to the old ways of ‘work harder’ and ‘push, push, push’ we believe in having a great work-life balance.

The new way of doing business is about collaborating rather than competing, establishing multiple streams of income, and ‘growing with the flow’. So instead of trying to ‘catch everyone’ with a generic website, we’re sharing our authentic voice, knowing that our ideal clients resonate with what we’re saying, and how it’s being said. Being digital nomads, we also value having the freedom to travel and explore. Our ideal clients understand it’s how we sparkle.

We’d love to help you sparkle!

Tenacity, resilience, courage, adventure, going against the grain, taking responsibility, following your passion… why we love working with other heart-minded professionals.

Marcel & Victoria Koning

ON co-creating WITH US …

“What a fantastic response to the video. Thank you again Marcel & Vic – I still cannot believe how quickly you turned it round. It is so slick and professional.”

Rob Dixon, UK

“Victoria and Marcel have a very positive mindset and are very easy to work with, well organised and take responsibility of tasks outside their scope!”

Anne Helene Hagem, Norway

Vic translated my ideas into a website I’m proud of. The training on using the site (with social media) was invaluable. Positive, flexible and really a pleasure to work with.

Shona Ackerman, Netherlands

“Victoria and Marcel built a completely new website for the Land Rover Club Holland, with all the necessary features like a payment system, separate log-ins for various committees etc. A hell of a job, with so many people having different interests – and they delivered a wonderful result!”

Jeroen Hoftijzer, Netherlands

“We received many compliments about the appearance and user-friendliness of our website. Victoria made a substantial contribution to our success.” Wouter van Werven, Netherlands

Wouter van Werven, Netherlands