land rover Activity Book: Life is Better in Flip-Flops

Hobbies and passions add a gorgeous sparkle to our lives. They bring us out of the constant pressures of thinking, assessing, judging, and worrying, and help us escape the need to always ‘be on’ and available 24/7. The Land Rover life offers a wonderful pastime, an adventure, a sense of fun and humour, a way of life etc. And what better way to share our passion for these quirky mechanical family members than with a fun activity puzzle book for adults?

An Adventurous Activity Book for Landy Lovers!

We’ve taken a classic old-school approach for this book, in paperback form, and armed with a pen (or maybe a pencil?) we aim to bring you some good-hearted fun as we dip into the milestones of Land Rover’s adventurous history. We hope that highlighting major expeditions will inspire you to learn more about the intrepid vehicles and their battered crews.

We all view these vehicles slightly differently but ultimately love them for their faults in the same way. A Land Rover is, after all, classless, capable, simple, basic, charming and affable (just like its owners).

It is very hard to condense all of the rich Land Rover history into something portable, but we think we have touched on some high points and hope you agree this book offers something for both novice and seasoned campaigners.

This 100+ page interactive book explores all things Land Rover, and there is something here for everyone. You will find fun facts, puzzles, jokes, drawings, geeky stuff and some challenging quizzes. It is for the young-at-heart to learn something and an invitation to dive a little deeper, but mostly it’s a celebration of the Land Rover way: not quite perfect but what an adventure and a big bunch of fun.

A brief 15-page glimpse into the activity book

It’s all about the grin factor!

Take time for yourself to simply have fun!

Enjoy reading, puzzling, laughing and sharing your way through this adventurous guide, and find out why flip-flops are the footwear of choice. 

Thumb through it while you’re waiting for your radiator to cool down, airing down your tyres, or while your GPS is trying to track you down in the Namib desert. Then, when you’re ready to see the answers (shown below *no peeking*) scan the QR code in the introduction of the book and it will bring you back here.

It’s a great gift for the Land Rover owner, or those aspiring to own one of these iconic, flawed, charismatic vehicles.

Where to Buy?

We have entrusted Kindle Direct Publishing to bring you this little activity book in a gorgeous tactile format (but not too gorgeous that you don’t want to write in it). Please choose the country closest to you to get it printed on demand locally x

Land Rover Clubs bulk purchasing

Ideal for Land Rover Clubs to share the passion with their members. Contact us for info on bulk discounts x

a couple of clues

Some of the puzzles are super easy, like switching out the spray nozzle for windscreen wipers. Others look easy but are deceptively difficult, like replacing the swivel assembly (so perhaps a good magnifying glass may be in order). There are a number of quizzes pertaining to the trailblazing “Olympics of Four-Wheel-Drive”. Marcel has created an inspiring post for you to learn more (and find answers) about the Camel Trophy!

Our favourite puzzle is an ode to the true geeks. There are those among us who through sheer grit, determination and hours spent under the hood, will be able to solve the ‘Ultimate Brain Teaser’ without needing assistance. The rest of us may need to turn to our well-oiled Haynes bible (again).

A picture tells a tale

Enjoy the stories behind some of the photos in the book:

no peeking!

Naturally, ya gotta know – but before you open these answers (in .pdf format) get your toolkits out and dig in!

To make it easier to find the answers, we’ve separated the PDFs into their puzzle type. Fun fact: all the answers are in Tuscan Blue, one of the Range Rover Classic launch colours x

We hope using this book fills you with oodles of warm and fuzzies! Thanks for the wave in passing and KEEP ROLLIN’ 😎