Provence sabbatical day 22 – Breaking Bad and mince pies

Watching Breaking Bad late into the night and meeting a 90-year-young legend, Patricia’s Mum.

After writing last night’s blog, and watching a couple of stand-up comedians, we decided to start watching “Breaking Bad” – Pen has been raving about it, so we figured, “Why not?” So far, it’s really gritty. But the characters are very believable. So we watched about 5 episodes after each other. As the night grew thin, Marcel got a little peckish and had a “midnight snack”; or was that 2am picnic? We don’t have a clue what time we got to bed. 3ish? Half-past-3ish? I was just starting to think about waking up when Patricia phoned around 11:30am!

Meeting a 90-year old legend … Over the past few weeks, Patricia and I have shared many a story, and I’ve been very intrigued to meet her Mom. This amazing lady is 90. Yes, you read that right. She is turning 91 on the 1st of March. My birthday. And that of my granny’s (hence my middle name, Margaret).

We had a lovely time chatting about life and experiences; first with a warming cup of tea (my hands were frozen) and then with a glass of bubbly and a hot mince pie, flown in from England. I just cannot believe how alive and full of zest this lovely lady is. 90. Really? I find it very difficult to believe. Wow. What an inspiration.

All I can say is … I reckon Christmas Day is going to be epic 😉