NetNomads Community connects the puzzle

NetNomads Community

The biggest dilemmas we see among self-employed entrepreneurs are, “how do we reach our audience?” and “my fledgling business doesn’t have a big budget for the support it needs.” So we hatched a plan …

Let’s grow together!

Our starry-eyed vision is to provide an authentically warm & fuzzy online platform for self-employed entrepreneurs to connect, to find services they need, as well as offering guidance to other members in their area of expertise. It’s a place to grow together, both professionally and personally, guided by professional coaches.

During the Wim Hof Winter Expedition in Poland, I was completely blown away by how complete strangers could be so open and caring with each other. The loving, warm and fuzzy energy it created was intoxicating! Buzzing with excitement, I had a vision of wanting to work in an environment like this…

Victoria Koning, Co-Founder

In June 2021, together with Fabiana Mazzacani, we registered a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands called Stichting NetNomads (KvK nummer 83351469) with a bold vision, to guide self-employed people from engaging in a self-centred competitive way, to growing and supporting each other collaboratively.

The ‘Crew’ is further strengthened by developers Tony Pitwood and Alan Green and people-experts Hayley Smith and Lena Kay. Everyone has a very special skill-set and we’re passionate about creating an inspiring (net)working platform.

All membership fees, crowdfunding drives and donations will be used to cover the costs of building and managing the platform, as well as paying the ‘Crew’ and professional coaches (all self-employed entrepreneurs). Future profits will be reinvested into the community, and ultimately we’d love to help other micro-entrepreneurs in disadvantaged / developing communities.

By helping our members elevate the community vibe (energy levels), it will have a positive impact rippling out into all of our lives and into the world…

If you’re up for an adventure and growth, and would like to connect with other freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs, please visit our website and contribute!

Victoria Koning, Co-Founder NetNomads Community