Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

I was flying in from Amsterdam at 2:30pm and Marcel would land on Irish soil around 11pm, meaning I had a few hours to spare. “Surely you’re not going to hang around the airport waiting for me?” Marcel asked me incredulously.

“Duh, of course not…” I said thumbing through the capital cities must-do attractions.  “I’m going to the Guinness Storehouse!”

Aside from it being a fave tipple, I wanted to see how they share their story.

The personal interaction with the staff was friendly and professional. A tiny criticism though, is it all felt a little too slick, kind of what I’d expect in America. Maybe it’s inevitable when your company gets to be that big.

The beer was amazing, and learning how to pull a pint was loads of fun.

I’m looking forward to returning with my hubby.

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