I suppose Yport is one of those villages that you would never really consider visiting. A road that ends right on the quaint seafront with a couple of cafés, the obligatory pebble beach and a couple of fishing boats dragged up above the highwater mark. But there IS a row of the iconic beach cabanas that look like throwbacks to 1970.

However, as I enjoy looking out over the receding sea that coincides with the sunset, I contemplate if the ever-increasing push towards grander and more expansive experiences will prove to be somewhat of a challenge to attract tourism to this particular region.

Small road

Yport is situated at the end of a single road leading into, and out of, the village and this road takes you off the well-trodden D940 skirting around from Fécamp to Etretat. The D940 is the coastal road that you would follow on your way to Caen and Bayeux and the Normandy landing beaches.

That being said, for those in search of a bit more peace and less of a scrum of tourists, this may be the better alternative to the town of Étretat a little further down the coast with its iconic rock formations, and accompanying hoards of visitors.

Camping Le Rivage

The camping itself is set on the hilltop overlooking the village and the strikingly vertical, extended coastline towards the north (Fécamp). The view comes at a price with a slight slope to the pitch. However, a fairly level pitch further up does not have a good view at all. So, the choice is yours… Yeah? I thought so too…

A suitably misty morning adds to the ambience and sweeps over the old main buildings, which resemble an old hotel or perhaps a grand mansion in times gone past…

The washing up facility is out in the open and overlooks the bay. This could, arguably, be the only campsite where you are first to offer to do the dishes! The grass is pleasantly green. The pitches are not very large but have a hedge or two scattered about for a bit of privacy.


The village below is a steep ten-minute walk away. This isn’t really that far but keep this in mind, as going towards the beach is downhill. Coming back is another story altogether.

You can take a quick dip in the north sea, stroll along the (small) promenade or grab a quick beer at one of the few beachfront terraces…

It is quite a quaint place in fact, albeit offering not much in the way of touristic distraction or excitement if that’s your thing.

We were pleasantly surprised in finding this little gem. It could serve as a good base from which to explore the surroundings of (arguably lesser-known) northern Normandy.

Somehow you’re in the middle of the action with Etretat not far away and even Le Havre is not a big stretch. Yet you remain a little bit removed from the bustle. This is perhaps a bit of ‘romantic’ charm to the French side of the channel?