Catalina PBY-5A flight in Lelystad

Far from the deadly task of being a patrol bomber during the second world war, this grand old dame is delighting historic plane enthusiasts with a “Splash & Go” in Lelystad. Every time we’ve seen and heard this magnificent water plane fly over our house, we promised ourselves “to have go”. Well, Marcel got fed up with the constant promising, and booked us two tickets.

The weather gods played along very nicely, providing the perfect temperature, just enough wind to cause a ripple on the water surface (so the plane could land) and loads of sunshine with dramatic cloudy backdrops.

It was a dream-come-true!

From the moment the old engines roared to life, to the 3x water landings (and take-offs) to when we returned … you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. My favourite thing was being to walk around the plane, and peek over the pilot and co-pilot’s shoulders. What an amazing experience!!! Check out their website at:

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