Victoria demonstrating control on the balance beam our Land Rover 90 at Fursten Forest, Germany

Not the usual “roadbook and pampering”. No sirree!

The Offroad, Allroad and Trial Committees organised ‘rough-and-tumbles’ at Beekse Bergen: trials, 4×4, quad-biking, Segway and buggies.

Ladies Day with a difference

The Segway is something I’d been wanting to try for a while. This little offroad beastie is mega fun. Takes a bit of getting used to, and I almost landed us in the drink (watch video).

It has to be said, quad-biking in Egypt is easier! Marijke showing good skills here. Despite my internal navigation letting me down (and driving into a lint) I managed to get a bit of speed going and let my mind wander to the Croatia Trophy forests ….
Such fun seeing ladies behind the wheel!

Chilling behind the wheel

Offroading is predominately a guy-thing. So my favourite thing about the day was seeing ladies driving their Landies (many for the first time) in the terrain. Instead of getting shouted at by their other halves, they relaxed and enjoyed getting to know their vehicles better. Seeing their faces smiling with achievement … that did it for me!!

The buggies were loads of fun too. Everyone travels at a pace to suit their nerve and skill as the hard tarmac looms up as you race around the track. At one point, I had a lift-off in the corner 😉 My honey would have been very proud. Well, I most certainly was!!

A special thanks to Marijke Boshuizen for sharing her photographs! Our pocket camera died on us, leaving me to focus on this video. Thanks to Marcel for editing it 😉

A huge thanks to Monique and Kitty for sharing the day. Diana, we missed you bud! I’m really proud of us ladies rising to the challenge. What’s it going to be next year? Fire-making and changing tyres?