Driver of an Offroad Extreme Challenge Truck

It’s very different from other Trials and Challenges, which allow you to drive your 4×4 to the course, put it through its paces, and then drive home again in the same vehicle.

The NK [Nederlands Kampioenschap] is known for its difficulty! As well as how many spare parts you need to take with you. A trailer for your car is highly recommended. Not to mention some advanced skills and expertise …

We caught up with Mark and Pasqualino digging out their ground anchor – an essential piece of kit! Nice to see Martin Brink again … we were chatting about getting 4×4 experience and he recommended this challenge as the best way to prepare for events like Croatia Trophy.

He also mentioned that the NK has got an “adventure” class this year to reduce the barrier to entry. Tempting, of course… During a break, we caught up with Tjarko and Leonard, who ended 4th overall. Cool! Thanks to Sybolt for the heads up about this challenge.