INSTRUCTIONS: Zoom in below and click on the marker points to the journals and YouTube videos.

The starting point is the A near Monaco then we head north and they’re #numbered.

What should have been a simple blue line around the coast has become more confusing than intended! Through no fault of our own, mind you.

So to give some perspective – our road trip starts in Cotignac in the south of France and heads north via Switzerland to the Netherlands. Then we follow the west coast of France down to Spain – so far so good!

But we are recalled back to Holland – within sight of the Spanish border. So a hasty, second trip to the north through the middle of France is unplanned but necessary.

We finally cross over into Portugal via northern Spain, yes! But then a catamaran is calling (so what would YOU do?), so we head straight across Spain again for a rendezvous in Toulon. Then back down the Spanish Costas where we hibernated in southern Spain right on the Portuguese border (the warmest place in the European winter).

Portugal was calling where we found a couple of rural campsites an hour inland from the Algarve. And… ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner – the best campsite in Europe.

We made it back to Cotignac after exactly one year on the road! As you can see from the map our plans have not exactly… gone according to plan! We have been heavily biased toward the western part of Europe due to various commitments but have loved every bit of discovering Europe from the road.

We have now reset our camp set up and plan to head further afield… Stay tuned!