DriftSport basic driver training in drifting

Our buddy Rob is a motorhead of note. We first became friends through a shared passion for Land Rovers, and have been taking part in all kinds of adventures since. He also happens to be a drift-driving instructor in Lelystad, and we signed up for a day’s basic training at DriftSport.

Terrifying and fun

With all of Marcel’s driving experience, he took to it like a duck to water. It took me a good hour or so to get the knack of turning the wheel sharply going into the bend, and then counter-intuitively spinning it the other way to bring the car into what feels like it’s floating. Exhilarating when you get it right.

Merci Marcel, for letting me spend so much time behind the wheel. Next time, we take our own cars! xx

Catalina PBY-5A flight in Lelystad

Far from the deadly task of being a patrol bomber during the second world war, this grand old dame is delighting historic plane enthusiasts with a “Splash & Go” in Lelystad. Every time we’ve seen and heard this magnificent water plane fly over our house, we promised ourselves “to have go”. Well, Marcel got fed up with the constant promising, and booked us two tickets.

The weather gods played along very nicely, providing the perfect temperature, just enough wind to cause a ripple on the water surface (so the plane could land) and loads of sunshine with dramatic cloudy backdrops.

It was a dream-come-true!

From the moment the old engines roared to life, to the 3x water landings (and take-offs) to when we returned … you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. My favourite thing was being to walk around the plane, and peek over the pilot and co-pilot’s shoulders. What an amazing experience!!! Check out their website at: http://www.catalina-pby.nl/

Best apple pie in Amsterdam (day trip)

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where you can easily while away the time absorbing the vibe, looking at centuries-old buildings, and watching people. Yvonne and I met at central station and our goal was a leisurely stroll through the Jordaan and then to partake in a high tea; the English tradition being surprisingly popular with Dutch ladies.

We made our way to the Jordaan, where the Farmer’s organic market is held each Saturday. Magic seeing lots of lovely fresh produce, as well as other goodies. All the browsing left us a little thirsty, so Yvonne recommended coffee and the ‘best apple pie in Holland’ at Cafe Winkel 43. She wasn’t wrong as we patiently waited our turn to grab a piece of steaming pie fresh out the oven. YUMMY!

We meandered our way to PC Hoofdstraat; the high street to be seen shopping in. At those prices, I was more than happy only sticking my nose in to take a pic. We visited all kinds of interesting stores and stopped to listen to the ‘draaiorgel’ a traditional mobile organ.

Still satiated from the unexpected apple treat, and expecting scones and cucumber sandwiches, I was a little disappointed with the high tea. The pastries were a tad greasy, the sandwiches a little weird and I could only swallow one spoon of the overly sweet cake. Note to self: go to London and see how it’s done there! Fortunately it didn’t dampen our day out. The sun was shining, we’d enjoyed fab markets, caught up on some natter.

Amsterdam is very entertaining with people from all over the world, doing their own thing. I love the canals, trees, pot plants, buildings and especially the house boats! A wonderful day out …

Crouching Man and Christmas dinner in the snow

When most people light up their Christmas trees and stoke their home fires, we chose to celebrate the unusually cold weather in Holland by dining alfresco.

We parked our landies as close to the Crouching Man as we could, and then took out the old tumble dryer drum to make a fire.

Diana had prepared confit de canard and veggies, and I’d made a hot Christmas pud. All of this was kept warm in thick polystyrene boxes, until the moment we were ready to serve. When it’s minus 5°C one’s food gets cold very quickly!

The flickering lights from the city, our candles, and the fire added a wonderful ambience, albeit enjoyed through frozen eyelashes 😉

Ho ho ho, happy Christmas!